Frequently asked questions

Phone unlock by IMEI is the easiest and most secure method for unlocking any phone. All you need to know is the IMEI number of your phone, which can be found at the back of the device underneath the battery or by typing *#06# into the keyboard.

All you need to do is fill out the form that appears in the section about your phone (brand, model, network, etc.)

Yes. Once you have unlocked your iPhone, you no longer have to repeat this process, no matter how many SIM cards you will use. You can update your iPhone software as usual and use it in any network in the world.

Delivery time depends on the country and carrier to which the iPhone is locked. Average delivery time for similar unlocks, will be displayed on the screen when you fill out the request form.

You can track your order here.

No. You cannot cancel an order that is in progress. You need to wait for the completion of the order.

After paying for the order, we will send you a track number by mail, by which you can track your order. If you have not received the track number, write to us ([email protected]), we will send it again.

Yes, all our services are 100% Guaranteed to unlock your Phone’s Network.

Unlocking your iPhone is 100% safe. Using our unlocking services there is no risk of damaging your Phone.

No. We provide only official unlock services, which means that after unlocking the Phone will be marked as unlocked forever, even you update or restore the Phone.

If you selected correct model, network and IMEI, the unlock must work. Keep in minde, in most cases we demand a video showing that you can`t activate Phone.

Yes. In rare cases, we can`t unlock your Phone for any reason under our responsibility. We will issue you a full refund.

  • When you provided us a wrong IMEI, iPhone model, country or network and email address.
  • When you didn’t follow the unlocking instructions exactly as stated.
  • When your the iPhone is not network locked (it has a different type of lock, iCloud, PIN lock or it is blacklisted).
    In all of these cases, we can withdraw a handling fee of $ 9.50

For any question or if delivery time out, please write to [email protected]